Central Park Medical Unit (CPMU) is an all-volunteer ambulance service that provides free emergency medical services in and around Manhattan’s Central Park.  CPMU has an all-volunteer staff of more than 150 diverse and compassionate volunteers whose backgrounds range from professional EMTs, paramedics, nurses and doctors to business executives, attorneys and active and retired law enforcement personnel, to name a few. Our volunteer members possess an extensive knowledge of Central Park’s geography, which allows CPMU to provide swift and expert care with one of the fastest response times in New York State.  Our state of the art fleet of ambulances, our Bike EMS team, and an off-road vehicle enable us to provide prompt emergency care throughout Central Park’s 843 acres.  We assist thousands of people in their time of need each year.  Since we do not charge for our services, our only source of revenue is donations, grants, and appropriations.  We have been providing these free services to NYC residents and visitors since 1975.