Central Park Visitor Suffers Cardiac Arrest – Life Saved by Fast-Acting CPMU Volunteers

New York, NY, November 21, 2010 – At 11:52 a.m. Central Park Medical Unit personnel in Ambulance # 8 (donated by the Freed Foundation) were flagged down by a Central Park Conservancy associate near 106 Street and West Drive. The Conservancy associate informed the CPMU crew of a bike accident reported near 82nd Street and West Drive, which he had just heard of over his radio.

The CPMU ambulance initiated response and was on scene within 3 minutes. Upon arrival, the crew found a 50 year old male patient in cardiac arrest, apparently fallen after suffering a heart attack while riding his bike. The crew immediately initiated life support measures including airway management, CPR, and defibrillation. The shock delivered by the crew successfully restored a viable cardiac rhythm, and the patient regained a pulse.

Approximately 6 minutes later a paramedic ambulance also arrived on scene and assisted CPMU in transporting the patient to the emergency department. Upon arrival at the hospital, and during eventual transfer to the ICU, the patient was conscious and alert.

CPMU congratulates our crew of dedicated volunteers: Paramedic Staley Dietrich, EMT Jonathan Kleisner, EMT Sam Bruce and motor vehicle operator Brennon Jones (a CPMU member since 1993).

CPMU members (left to right) Jonathan Kleisner, Sam Bruce, Brennon Jones, and Staley Dietrich, who saved the life of a cardiac arrest patient in November, 2011.

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