NYC Marathon Runner’s Heart Stops. He is Resuscitated, Revived and Saved by Volunteer EMTs From the Central Park Medical Unit

New York, NY, November 2, 2008 – A 41 year old male runner in today’s NYC Marathon collapsed in full cardiac arrest on Fifth Avenue near 107th Street, just outside Central Park. Alert civilians immediately began providing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, or CPR. Volunteers from the Central Park Medical Unit (CPMU) arrived shortly after, and took over medical care.

Led by Michael Jones, a physician and volunteer EMT, the CPMU crew re-started the runner’s heart using a defibrillator and CPR. Paramedics from FDNY joined with the CPMU EMTs. They were able to restore and maintain the runner’s pulse before arriving at Mt. Sinai Hospital, where the emergency room staff continued
providing medical care.

In addition to Michael Jones, M.D., the Central Park Medical Unit crew consisted of EMT Todd Reinglass and Chris Hackett. Dr. Jones is a member of Central Park Medical Unit’s Advisory Board.

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