Bike EMS Team

CPMU’s Bike EMS teams enable our EMTs to quickly reach patients who may be located in an area not accessible by a vehicle.  Bikes are also used during special events, as they allow us to navigate a crowd of people, quickly getting emergency medical care to patients in need.  Our EMS Bikes are equipped with a basic trauma bag, oxygen, and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).  As our Bike EMS teams respond to requests for assistance, a CPMU ambulance is also dispatched so that the patient may be transported to the hospital, if necessary.

Sponsor a Bike Medic!
If you don’t have the time to volunteer you can still help CPMU by becoming a Bike Medic Sponsor. EMS bikes require continuous maintenance, new Bike Medics need to be trained and equipment needs to be upgraded. A one time donation of $700 will pay for the upkeep of one bike and its equipment for a year and the training of an EMT to ride it. $1,000 will purchase a new Medic Bike and medical supplies. $3,000 will buy a defibrillator small enough to be carried in a bike pack. If you, your school, class or company is interested in being part of the CPMU SPONSOR A BIKE MEDIC PROGRAM, please contact us today!