Support Us

As an all volunteer, Not-for-Profit organization, Central Park Medical Unit relies entirely upon donations from individuals and corporations for the funding needed to continue providing quality emergency medical services to Central Park and the surrounding community AT NO COST.  100% of donations go to operations, equipment, medical supplies and staff training. Whether large or small, your donation is always appreciated and put to good use. Additionally, all donations made to the Central Park Medical Unit are tax deductible under IRS section 501(c)(3) to the full extent provided by law.  Every dollar counts toward helping us save lives.

How YOU can help CPMU

Operational Support

CPMU’s annual operating budget is $150,000. Our primary operating expenses are vehicle maintenance, insurance, and medical supplies. Donations of any size directly contribute to our ability to keep our ambulances on the road, enabling us to save lives in Central Park.

Checks can be mailed to:
The Central Park Medical Unit
P.O. BOX 440
New York City, NY 10028

Capital Campaign

When the need arises to replace an ambulance from our fleet, we rely on donations to our Capital Campaign so that we do not need to dip into our operational fund. A new and fully equipped ambulance costs over $175,000. Major sponsors of our Capital Campaign will be recognized via our website and also on the side of the new ambulance, if desired. Contact us for additional details on our Capital Campaign, or donate online:

Human Capital

CPMU is in need of humanitarians who are ready, willing, and able to accept a fiduciary responsibility with our organization, and help drive our organizations long term success. The CPMU Board of Directors is charged with arranging for significant capital infusions into the organizations, as well arranging for the organizational support of other agencies and organizations. Individuals interested in joining our Board of Directors should contact our president, Rafael Castellanos.