For Patients

Were you recently treated by a Central Park Medical Unit ambulance? We’d love to hear how you’re doing.  Feel free to send us a note at our contact page, and make sure to include the date of your treatment.


Did you receive a bill from us? NO! That’s because we provide our services entirely for free. Please consider making a donation to enable to to continue providing free services to future patients. Here’s a sample list of the costs we incur while running our operations:

  • A new ambulance: $165,000
  • Annual Insurance: $49,000
  • A new defibrillator: $3,000
  • A new radio, enabling a coordinated response: $2,000
  • A trauma kit to carry life saving equipment: $245
  • An Oxygen tank, used to help patients having trouble breathing: $120
  • A single Epi-Pen, used to treat a severe allergic reaction: $80
  • Adjustable Cervical Collar for Trauma Patients: $9

We use these items, and hundreds more, every day while treating patients. Please consider assisting our operations by making a donation today:

Medical Records Requests

Requests for medical records must be received in writing on an authorized HIPPA form which must be signed and notarized.  Please mail the completed form to: Central Park Medical Unit, PO Box 440, New York, NY, 10028.  For patient privacy reasons, we are unable to respond to requests for patient information by phone or email.