CPMU Responds to Hurricane Irma

NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL
08:00 EST Thurs Sep 07 2017

All indications are that this Category 5 storm will be a horrific hurricane killing and injuring many caught in its path.

During Hurricane Sandy CPMU witnessed many of our senior citizens and infirm abandoned in nursing homes in dire need of evacuation and medical attention and mobilized an evacuation effort.

In keeping with our long tradition of responding to major disasters from September 11th 2001 to Hurricane Sandy, the Central Park Medical Unit has deployed a specialized self-contained disaster response unit to assist the victims suffering in the wake of the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma.

The deployment of of ambulances, supplies, and medical personnel to South Florida has exacted a significant strain on CPMU resources. 

Your support Is Critical to caring for irma's victims

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Please check back at this page for updates as the situation continues to develop.