NYPD Community Council Awards CPMU Members for Hurricane Sandy Response

New York, NY January 8th, 2013 – The Central Park Police Precinct Community Council presented awards to the 27 CPMU members who provided services during Hurricane Sandy. On hand were NYPD Chief William Morris and NYPD Captain Jessica Corey, both of whom praised the work of CPMU during the Hurricane.

Congratulations to the members who received awards: Brian Goldberg, Channa Wooten, Gabriel Tissian, Garry Resnick, George Contreras, Greg Levow, Joel Rowe, Jonathan Ehrlich, Kate Ague-Kneeland, Kellene Mullin, Marc Musicus, Mark Sanders, Matt Labunka, Matthew Tirschwell, Maggie Dicks, Megan Flynn, Miguel Gomez Marshall, Rafael Castellanos, Rafael Castellanos Jr., Roger Smith, Roger Thomas, Sam Bruce, Staley Dietrich, Steve Peluso, Dan Peneyra, Tareek Propst.

Additional information detailing CPMU’s response to Hurricane Sandy is available here.